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Energy Efficient: How to Cut Winter Heating Bills...
Energy Efficient: How to Cut Winter Heating Bills...
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(ARA) - Winter's chill may be the farthest thing from your mind while you're enjoying the beautiful fall weather. But home maintenance experts agree that now is the optimum time to start thinking about preparing your home for winter.

Take care of important home maintenance or improvement projects now to get it done while the weather is still nice. From servicing the furnace to replacing drafty windows and doors, home improvement projects can add up to big savings come winter.

Updating windows and doors is a project that can pay off big with lower energy bills, improved curb appeal and added lasting value to your home, according to Lou "Mr. Fix It" Manfredini, home improvement editor for the Today Show and "USA Today Weekend Magazine." "One of the most valuable investments you can make in your home is window and door replacement," he says.

"There are four main reasons why a homeowner might need to replace windows or doors: performance, energy efficiency, maintenance and aesthetics," Manfredini says. "Marvin Windows offers a free informational DVD that discusses window and door replacement and is invaluable in planning your replacement.  You can order it at www.marvin.com/MrFixIt.

Performance is the most compelling reason to change a worn out door window. Sticking windows or doors fail to provide optimum benefit in terms of convenience, efficiency and even safety.

Replacing windows or doors to improve energy efficiency is the most obvious way homeowners will see a return on their investment. Drafty windows and doors pack real dollars onto your heating and cooling bills.

Older windows and doors require maintenance -- scraping, painting and caulking. Newer windows and doors feature low maintenance cladding, a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance. Many newer windows also make cleaning easy with a convenient tilt feature that allows you to wash them from inside your house.

Curb appeal is vital if you're selling your house and a satisfying lifestyle enhancement if you plan to stay in your home for years to come. Updated windows and doors not only improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, they make your house look more appealing as well.

When choosing your replacement doors and windows, consider quality, design flexibility and the reputation of the manufacturer, Manfredini advises. "The number one attribute you should look for in a replacement window or door is quality."

Marvin Windows and Doors, a leading manufacturer of replacement windows and doors, has created an informational DVD, featuring Lou Manfredini, to help homeowners learn more about their options. To request a free copy of the DVD, call (800) 414-0098 or visit www.marvin.com/MrFixIt.

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